What is a Domainer

What is a Domainer?

A domainer is, a person who brings home the bacon – and many make a decent living – of enrolling, purchasing and offering domain names. A domainer can likewise produce income through parking their unused domains for profit.

In the start of the Internet period, domainers enlisted domains with maybe a couple words coordinating bland words and terms and once in a while exchanged them with an astounding edge. Some non specific domains initially enlisted for under $50, have been sold for a few a huge number of dollars (see area name purchasing for illustrations).

Quickly, all domains with maybe a couple words have been enrolled. Presently, domainers who are as yet purchasing on the essential market. Purchase domains with a few words or areas related with new patterns. They additionally may purchase domains for which enrollment is not recharged.

Domainers may likewise have a space exchanging (purchasing for exchanging) action by which they purchase a domain, at that point exchange it with an edge in the wake of scanning for potential purchasers.

Some domainers purchase and offer couple of domains of high esteem and others accomplish hundreds or thousands of exchanges with littler edges. These last ones utilize mechanization for purchasing and offering domains.

Domain Names can be sold in many ways, in person, online auctions such as sedo, afternic, namejet, flippa and even ebay among many others for a small commission fee.